The Devil's Diorama

THE DEVIL’S DIORAMA - an extensive personal project photographing the Tasmanian devil, (Sarcophilus harrisii). What started in 2012 as a seemingly simple idea, to photograph this elusive and endangered Tasmanian icon, soon turned into an obsession. I just couldn’t stop, forever looking for the next unique location.

As years passed by, I fine-tuned my camera trapping techniques with the aim of producing cinematic scenes of nature, which resemble museum dioramas. The work is photographed in the devil’s natural habitat, from dry sclerophyll forests through to lush temperate rainforests during all seasons using Canon DSLR cameras and an array of off-camera lighting remotely triggered via infrared beam technology, no baiting or captive animals were ever used.

Portions of this project have been used to illustrate science and nature stories worldwide and is often licensed for conservation use, most recently in the Canon Global campaign “Wildlife As Canon Sees It” which was published in the November 2017 issue of National Geographic Magazine - this is the first and only time the Tasmanian devil will be featured.

Today, I present to you my eight favourites which were photographed over a 5 year period. Please take your time to look, think and enjoy.

I would like to give a huge thank you the Tasmanian Land Conservancy for their amazing support throughout this project, allowing me valuable access to prime devil habitat.

Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary were one of the first Tasmanian devil specialists to listen to my project idea and assist with behavioural and biological knowledge, I’ve included a studio portrait in this online store which was only possible with the parks help in a controlled environment.

I hope you enjoy these images, I’m not done yet...