Ahoy to a great year that has been but not yet gone!

Ahoy there and Merry Christmas!

The last 12 months have been pretty amazing! Lots of progression with my work. New clients and opportunities making their way to the surface. My Tasmanian Devil photo project going very well with the biggest thing yet to happen (I can't tell you but I'll let you know I promise). Refining camera trapping techniques and working out what gear works and what doesn't is quite time consuming, sometimes tiring and very frustrating but very rewarding in the end. I have it pretty well sorted and feel the work will get better and better rom here on in. I attended a Joel Sartore (National Geographic) keynote talk and spoke with him about my work, a top guy and very inspirational. See Joel's work here -

Competitions - there are so many of these things out there who really know what is legitimate. The BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and BBC Camera Trap competitions have always stood out to me more than any others. This year one of my Tasmanian Devil images received a commended in the Camera Trap competition which is exciting, since then I have some more images and will be entering the 2014 competition when it opens. The Camera Trap competition aims more towards science and conservation than simply pretty pictures. So, I try to blend the two and make beautiful pictures of unique species, easier said than done... There is another competition I have been meaning to enter a couple of times but miss the date every time, this time I got it. (Thanks Jason L. Stephens for the reminder) It's called the International Loupe Awards, there are amateur and open awards and is very popular. The open awards has more specific categories such as science/nature and photojournalism. I entered four images - two in science and nature, one in photojournalism and one in sport. Good results with three bronze awards and one silver.

The future is bright, many exciting things on the horizon. I've been teaching some camera basic courses based out of Watt's camera store in Burnie. Passing on some knowledge feels pretty good, helping others clear up some technical issues and learn some of the core fundamentals of this addictive hobby/job/.

This last week of the year and early 2014 is looking exciting already, I'll be heading to Hobart in a few days to shoot the Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race for AAP along with another Round the World race at New Year. I did this last year and was a pretty good experience and everyone was happy with my work. More confidence this year so this can only be a good thing! Late in January I'll be shooting Wildside MTB also, should be good!

Thank you to everyone who trusts me to shoot quality work for them - real estate agents, builders, newspapers/newswire, commercial clients and of course those elusive Tasmanian Devils making appearances right where I want them!

Below are some images I mentioned earlier, if anyone has some great ideas for creative shoots, give me a call 0487 407 901 or email

Adios, go get yourself some tequila!


BBC Camera Trap competition 2013, commended,

International Loupe Awards, bronze. Sport 13th outright.

International Loupe Awards, bronze. Photojournalism, 18th outright.

International Loupe Awards, bronze. 

International Loupe Awards, silver. Science and Nature, 18th outright.