Tasmanian devil image hunting #1

I'm going to keep these posts short and sweet. This is #1 of more to come... I'll explain my project over several posts and share what information and shots I think others might like to see. Feel free to share this and my website.

I had this idea maybe 2 years ago while living in Singapore. After scanning the internet for what was available, (which there was very little) I though about attempting to shoot some high quality images of Tasmanian Devils. A few conditions I gave myself were: The devils had to be 100% wild, absolutely no bait to attract the devils, to keep the images as natural as possible. In the beginning I had no idea how to do it, after questioning some people I concluded that camera trapping was the only option to get the images I visioned.

In my "Life of a Tasmanian Devil" gallery you will find a selection of what I've shot so far in a photo essay type layout.

So yeah, this blog is way behind. But I though I should share some other info I've collected over the 18 or so months.

The Tasmanian Devil shares its habitat with many other species so I do get some other visitors which are welcome. These camera trap shots are always a lot more up close than usual. Here are a few shots of other visitors.

Stay tuned. 

Sometimes I get other visitors to the area. I don't mind this as camera trap images are a lot more intimate than shooting from way back with long lenses.

A big ole wombat passes by a trap.

This young healthy devil is looking pretty serious about life. The next frame however is a lot less intimidating. You'll see that next post.